This summer I drove through the back country of Northern Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. What I love most about the mountain passes, high desert, and expansive territory is the open sky. The images in this series attempt to capture the expectant sense of possibility and wonder.

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  1. Feedback Part 3 – Matt's OCA Blog
    April 10, 2017

    […] Clouds: here is room to persevere. Clouds can make wonderful drawings, try pencil on tracing paper, and just soft pencil and eraser (Auerbach technique)- you have begun to explore this with some of your charcoal drawings quite well. Soft pastels come in useful on Ingres paper in blues or charcoal grey. I find your experimental piece in colour line most interesting (drawing with colour). Drawing a cloud with lines is hard, but you seem to have arrived at a possible conclusion. You can study drawing clouds through line in printmaking, for example the etchings by Samuel Palmer. Woodcut also offers some interesting directions – see this interesting project by Sarina Sataman […]