No, I'm not obsessed by chickens. Chickens do make wonderful figure models. They are quirky, gestural, voluptous and absurd. This body of work exposes the process of printmaking. The drawings in the series are typical of my initial drawing on my relief blocks that guide my carving. The color variations are experiments for my final edition colors. The light-hearted subject matter bouyed the spirit of the work.


  1. Earl
    November 10, 2013

    Hi Sirima,

    I met you today at OPen Studios towards the end of the day. I love chickens and really liked your prints of the hens. Im interested in two of them. The price is a bit out of my reach. (they are worth every penny). Wondering if you ever have a ‘misprint’ or have a sale? I like the two different Plymouth Rock hens, top left of this page. Please let me know should you have a sale, or a misprint. I would like top purchase them. Im over in Bayview.
    Thank you kindly. In the meanwhile, I will continue to save up.
    (no frame, just the prints).

  2. Dawn Oltman
    April 17, 2014

    Hi Sirima-

    I love chickens, too & your farm series are cool!

    And I love playing Ukulele as we shared about when I meet you at The Garage. I think it would be fun to hang out there & do some strumming with you on your day there. If you want I can stop by next Wed. in the afternoon. Bring your uke & let’s play!

    Whadda tthink?

    Dawn (Ukulady)


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