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Making art is an experience that is highly influenced by the place, the materials, and the process. After years of running by appointment workshops and periodic events through a studio in my home, I decided to expand to a combined studio and retail shop in Point Reyes Station where both my patrons and I would be inspired by the abundant beauty, history, and richness of West Marin.

Opening my doors to visitors allows me to meet interesting new people daily, hear their perspectives, and share the experience of creating. During the week, I make handmade things ranging from letterpress stationery to silk-screened textiles to fine art prints in my studio. During the weekend, the studio + shop is open to the public and I offer an array of creative gatherings and workshops for all levels.

Planning a day trip or holiday in West Marin and have some time to spare? Stop by to browse through the affordable art and handmade goods in the shop, set aside a couple of hours to create something with friends and family, or block out a whole day for a hands on workshop that will make your visit to the coast truly memorable.

Side Projects and Commissions
Not everything I do fits neatly into a box. Sometimes the most interesting work combines a portfolio of skills, tailor made for the job, project and client. Contact me with grand schemes or inspiring ideas and let’s talk.

Heylnn Ospina Photography

Heylnn Ospina Photography


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