February Movies: Film Noir, Thursdays 7pm

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Thursday Movie Nights are sponsored by West Marin Workshop, produced by Miguel Kuntz, and curated this month by Sally Phillips.

Feb 1
Sudden Fear Is a 1952 American film noir thriller directed by David Miller, and starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in a tale about a successful woman who marries a murderous man. The screenplay by Lenore J. Coffee and Robert Smith was based upon the novel of the same name.

Following a whirlwind courtship, successful playwright Myra Hudson marries mediocre actor with a troubling secret. Did he marry her just for her money or is there more amiss in her marriage.

Feb 8
Pickup on South Street is a 1953 Cold War spy film noir written and directed by Samuel Fuller, and released by the 20th Centnovel of ury Fox studio. The thriller stars Richard Widmark, Jean Peters, and Thelma Ritter.

Pickpocket Skip Mcoy accidentally picks the wrong pocket and becomes embroiled in the Cold War. Now everyone is after him.

Feb 15
In a Lonely Place is a 1950 film noir murder mystery directed by Nicholas Ray and starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, produced for Bogart’s Santana Productions. The script was written by Andrew Solt from Edmund North’s adaptation of Dorothy B. Hughes’ 1947 the novel of the same name.

The blossoming love affair suffers as Laurel begins to wonder if her new love interest might be a killer.

Feb 22
Laura is a 1944 American film noir detective story produced and directed by Otto Preminger. It stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews and Clifton Webb along with Vincent Price and Judith Anderson. The screenplay by Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein and Betty Reinhardt is based on the 1943 novel Laura by Vera Caspary.

New York City Police Department detective Mark McPherson investigates the murder of a beautiful and highly successful advertising executive, Laura Hunt, who has apparently been killed by a shotgun blast to the face.

One of the top 10 film noir movies of all time for its cinematic beauty, cultural & historical significance.

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