Music: Sept 8, Rainy Eyes, Desiree Cannon, Kit Center & The Hollow Bones

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Join us for an evening of soulful Folk, Rock, and Americana from 3 young Bay Area songwriters:
Rainy Eyes, Desiree Cannon, and Kit Center & the Hollow Bones.

Rainy Eyes (Irena Eide) is a Norwegian-born Americana singer-songwriter. For the past decade she has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area; writing music, performing and touring throughout the US. Both solo and with a band, her performances have a spell-binding, inspiring effect and a soulful, heartfelt and timeless sound with tight-knit harmonies, melodious solos and thoughtful songwriting.

Desiree Cannon is a singer/songwriter based in Oakland. She sings country folk songs. Want to see her live? Desiree Cannon co-hosts and performs at Starline Social Club every full moon (

Kit Center & the Hollow Bones are an American Roots band based out of Oakland, California, comprised of Kit Center (vocals/guitar), Aviva Lipkowitz (bass/vocals), Jessica Leigh Smith (vocals/harmonica), and Lisa Pezzino (percussion). The band draws influence from country, blues, and folk traditions. The music is slow and thick, sad but hopeful, and stripped to its bones so the soul shines through.

LISTEN: Rainy Eyes

LISTEN: Desiree Cannon

Desiree Cannon Good Red Road from desiree cannon on Vimeo.

LISTEN: Kit Center & the Hollow Bones Neverland

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